Mortgage and Finance FAQ's

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Glossary of Mortgage / Finance Terms

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FAQ's - MLO's, Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Bankers

Federal Mortgage-Related Laws




3.155- What are the Independent appraisal requirements ?

Loan Origination


Loan Inquiry and the Application Process (1003)



5.50- What is the Definition of a business day for delivery purposes and explain Homeownership Counseling Disclosure

Loan Qualification Requirements, Processing, and Underwriting

Financial Calculations/Mortgage Math/APR



8.38- Explain Prohibition on mortgage insurance on certain loan types

Traditional and Non-Traditional Mortgage Products



Mortgage loan products


10.32- Explain facts on interest only payments

Ethical issues and behavior related to loan origination activities



SAFE Act and CSBS/ARRMR Model State Law

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